Dr. Origer focuses on correcting malfunctioning joint complexes of the spine and extremities (i.e. hands and feet) to allow your body to perform more effectively through its natural healing ability. Once your joints are functioning correctly, you will progress into a specific rehabilitative phase to strengthen the spine as well as improve your body’s overall ability and function.

Rehabilitative exercise is an important part of your care. We work with you to create a more stable spine and, in the case of athletes, improve athletic performance. Preventive care is also a recommended option.

Also, to better serve you, Dr. Tony Origer strives to work with your other health care providers to integrate your care. We will send them notes regarding your condition, your treatment, and your progress. If chiropractic care is not the answer for you, your chiropractic physician will talk to you about your other options and will assist in referring you to the appropriate health care provider.